ENNOVA Support

Ennovasoft provides a support service that is focused on generating value within any private company or government entity, through the prevention of hardware or software incidents and the immediate attention and solution to incidents.

Our business technical support is different because it integrates 3 pillars:

  • Quality guaranteed through SLAs and KPIs.
  • Reference methodology ITIL & CobIT.
  • Monthly reports and coaching sessions for continuous improvement.
  • Qualified engineers.
  • Remote and face-to-face support for those tasks that require physical assistance.

To large companies that need the support service to be efficient through their Help Desk and immediate attention in the Call Center for reception of calls and initial remote attention, as well as escalation at different levels and on site through a system of service tickets at the national level.

Medium-sized companies that can have their own IT support department and due to their continuous operation, need technical support to attend to eventualities and requirements on the fly through our help desk, remote support and on-site implementation engineers, independently of its size.

Maintenance Characteristics Basic Premium Platinum
Infrastructure for development, testing and production
Datacenter band width with a service level of 99,999
Servers and licenses for development, testing and production of applications
VPN service
Servicio de administración de infraestructura
Administration of infrastructure and software of the application.
Network and VPNs security management
Servicio de monitoreo de operación
8x5 infrastructure monitoring
24x7 infrastructure monitoring
Servicio de soporte a resolución de incidencias
Incident support via telephone, infrastructure email and 8x5 application
Incident support via telephone, infrastructure email and 24x7 application
Preventive support of the 8x5 application
Preventive support of the 24x7 application