EnnovaSoft has experts in the different technologies and platforms of the market considering the following software products within the infrastructure: operating systems, databases, application servers through its different technological allies such as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, HP Software and Open Source.
HP Software

As an important partner in the Hewlett Packard software solutions line, we have extensive experience in providing connected intelligence for the new business style.

We are one of the largest users of HP solutions in the world, and with the best certified hardware tools in the industry, it gives us the credibility and technical experience to be considered as the best option to implement and operate this technology and put it at the scope of your company.

Through these tools Ennovasoft is able to offer your company:

Business Security

Management of the portfolio of applications and managed services

Big Data

Servers and their integration to clustering

Backups on line

Automation of application tests

Security of the information