ENNOVA Mobile Server
What is Ennova Mobile Server?
Ennova Mobile Server is a lightweight server designed especially to connect mobile applications with databases in an efficient and secure way under the iOS, Android and Java platforms. According to the benchmarks made with the web servers of the market Ennova Mobile Server offers better response times when communicating the mobile device to the server, thus achieving a better operation in applications for mobile devices or any other device under the Java platform. The heart of the server is the ability to process high volumes of transactions and users of mobile devices with a secure and efficient communication protocol. Guaranteeing the functionality and extensibility of the applications in addition to the scalability and security in their operation.
Key features
  • Stable and efficient communication with mobile devices.
  • Lightweight and efficient server for communication with mobile devices.
  • Scalability and high concurrency.
  • High performance and safety
  • Important contribution to ROI projects.
  • Efficient maintenance and support.
Working with quality