The perfect storage environment for your business

Ennovasoft offers the infrastructure capacity of its data center to host in the cloud the different environments of testing, quality and production for the operation of security, electric power, Internet, operating systems, and reliable networks, with a width of scalable band that covers the growth need of the apps.

Ennova Cloud through its datacenter hosts the Web and mobile applications covering all the technical specifications to manage the servers, including software licensing, monitoring of infrastructure availability and apps operation through the basic support schemes, premium and platinum.

Ennova Cloud includes the service of implementation and monitoring of high availability and security networks with scalable bandwidths ranging from 1 to 10 GB, incorporating efficient back-end technology for mission critical applications.

Ennova Cloud incorporates different levels of high availability, first at the application server level, in the database and then at a second level of application servers and database clusters. The third level of high availability is at the level of duplicate data centers to support contingencies that allow continuity in the operation of applications with service levels of 99.99 to 99.9999 eliminating all possible points of failure in communications within the network of the data center as in the communication between data centers.

Ennova Cloud offers a permanent guarantee in the services of support and maintenance of all your applications while you have current service policies.