EnnovaSoft has experts in the different technologies and platforms of the market considering the following software products within the infrastructure: operating systems, databases, application servers through its different technological allies such as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, HP Software and Open Source.

The implementation of IT Services is the central force that drives digital transformation, offering software, hardware and telecommunications infrastructure at the forefront with our world-class professional services to help you solve the most pressing challenges.

That is why Ennovasoft relies on Cisco technology, creating a digital world where the connections to people's networks, processes, data and things combine to release an unprecedented value. For us the power of connections is what gives way to new types of data and knowledge, as well as for physical and virtual environments that combine perfectly.

Why do we choose Cisco?

Ennovasoft relies on Cisco technology, which has the highest security standards in devices that are implemented for a network. They provide a wide range of products for digitalization, which allows us to satisfy current and future needs.

In addition to this, Cisco has a wide range of tools which allows us to ensure the operation of networks:

  • Routers and switches.
  • Networks with bandwidth from 1 to 10 GB.
  • Big data and analytical information flow.
  • High security firewalls.